January editorial

January editorial

Letter to the Editor - January 2016

This letter is in response to one written by Mr. Carter and previously published by the

Winchester Star. The Democratic principles for women’s rights include equal pay for women

(compared to men), support for working women, healthcare reform that benefits women, and

advancing the rights and opportunities of women.

Democrats support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Democrats also support raising the minimum wage to benefit 15.5 million working women in

the United States. The Affordable Healthcare Act ends discrimination of healthcare costs based

on gender (women now cannot be charged more than men for equal healthcare). Pre-existing

conditions, including pregnancy, can no longer be a reason for discrimination by healthcare

companies. Forty-seven million women now have guaranteed access to free preventative

services including cancer screenings. All of these changes advance opportunities for women by

saving them money for healthcare and are supported and promoted by the Democratic Party.

Further legislature supported by the Democratic Party that benefits women is

reauthorization and passage of the Violence Against Women Act. Discrimination against federal

contractors based on sexual orientation and gender identity has been ended, giving women-

owned businesses more opportunity to win federal contracts.

In a recent Washington Post poll, 36% of women describe themselves as Democrats and

in the 2012 election, 55% of women supported President Obama. Women voters also

determined the outcome of the 2008 presidential race. Issues such as healthcare, education,

social security, and Medicare are important to women and that is why women vote Democratic.

According to a recent Gallup poll, women are more likely to be Democrats, regardless of age.

The Democratic Party and women share common values and priorities including supporting our

families, protecting our country, and advancing the issues that matter to women of all ages and

Just as women’s votes elected the president in 2008 and 2012 (Roper Center, Cornell

University); women will be deciding the next President of the United States. In Beyonce’s song,

“Who Rule the World“, she spreads the message that “girls rule the world” and “[your]

persuasion can build a nation”. In the upcoming 2016 presidential election, women’s vote will

form the nation… So first of all, to all of the women out there, VOTE! Secondly, know that

women are smart. We do in fact “run the world”, so we are smart enough to figure out who we

want to vote for when we go into the polling booth (No one goes in the polling booth with us,

right? So we can vote for whomever we want!).

Be aware that people you know may try to bully you into voting for a particular party or

candidate. As an American with the right to vote, do your homework; do your research. Don’t

take anything that is stated on MSNBC or FOX News as the truth, and don’t let your husband,

brother, sister, father, mother, minister, reverend, rabbi, roshi, imam, or preacher TELL YOU

WHO TO VOTE FOR! Decide for yourself before casting your vote in 2016! I may not agree with

your politics, but I respect your decision to vote for a particular candidate if it is based on

understanding the difference between the Democratic and Republican platforms. Know what

opportunities and services each party is offering women!

See you at the polls!

Chair, Winchester-Frederick County Democratic Committee 2016-2017


IT professional and a fan of common sense.

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