2017 Candidates

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State Legislature:

City of Winchester:

If you would like to get signs for Addie:

Addie Lingle received her shipment of yard signs. Do you live in the City of Winchester? Would you like a free yard sign? Do you know someone else that would too? Let her know by filling out the following form: www.voteaddie.com/sign/

If you would like to volunteer for Wendy Gooditis' campaign:

Come to Wendy's Home Saturday the 16th of September at 10 AM  with a second shift at 12 PM and last shift at 2 PM. We will be launching a canvass from Wendy's home and sending canvassers into Clarke and Frederick. Wendy's house is closer our way, so volunteers will have no problem going that far.  Wendy's address is  239 Mt. Prospect Ln. Boyce, VA.  or contact Stephanie at srvaughan@wfcdcva.org