Precinct Organization, Voter Registration, & Membership

Committee Chair: Kevin Kennedy

  • Holds voter registration activities at least four (4) times per year;
  • Devise and implement strategies to increase membership;
  • Recruit 1-5 active Democrats in each Precinct who will identify the Democrats in their Precincts and then work to organize them into a reliable group of voters and also poll volunteers for Election Days;
  • Take an active part in GOTV activities for each election;
  • Coordinate plans and timelines with the Virginia Democratic Committee and 10th Congressional District.

Candidate Recruitment & Selection

Committee Co-Chairs: Addie Lingle & Casey Turben

  • Develop criteria for candidate selection;
  • Assist candidates with planning to include campaign budgets;
  • Actively work with and support candidates throughout the campaign/election; and
  • Develop proposed platform planks for potential Democratic candidates

Fundraising & Events

Committee Co-Chairs: Holly Redding & Deetzie Bayliss

  • Provide a fundraising plan for Committee activities and initiatives;
  • Assist candidates with fundraising planning;
  • Manage Committee-sponsored events such as fundraising, meetings, picnics, and other events to accomplish goals within budget guidelines.

Public Relations & Communications

Committee Chair: TBD

  • Function as the Committee point-of-contact for all public and media contact;
  • Prepare and execute a communication plan;
  • Prepare and distribute fact sheets and publicity to support Committee activities/initiatives;
  • Maintain call lists, scripts, contact lists, website/blogs, etc.;
  • Publish a regularly scheduled newsletter; and
  • Develop and maintain electronic media.

Young Democrats

Committee Chairs: Mia (Cleo) Usmani

  • Guide young people in our community as they learn about Democratic activism.