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Our Beliefs & Values

The most important roles of government are to maintain national security and to protect the rights of our citizens.

All work contributes to the prosperity of the country, and all workers should be respected for what they do. Equal work merits equal pay.

A healthy citzenry contributes to making our country more vital and prosperous. Healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all.

“All” means everyone, with no exclusions due to race, culture, religion, economic status, sexual orientation, or any other identities.

The control of the democratic process must be returned to the citizens and we strongly support changes to current voting regulations.

Education is a proven means for overcoming poverty, and it is an essential ingredient for most forms of personal improvement.


The Winchester – Frederick County Democratic Committee is dedicated to progressive values. We believe in compassion and that government has a responsibility to do for people what a person cannot do alone, fixing our bridges, paving highways, providing safe drinking water and air that is fit to breathe. We believe this not only because it is inherently right but also because these pursuits provide good jobs that people can be proud of.

We believe in these progressive values because we believe that every citizen of this great nation can and should believe that our children can have a better future than their fathers and their forefathers.  We are Democrats because we believe these things.

News Update

Census Woes

In the US, we take a population census very ten years and the next is in 2020. Regretfully, it seems the republicans are taking a thinly veiled attack at minorities by inserting an unnecessary question in the census. They ask if you are a citizen. This can cause countless millions to fail to report, which will be damaging for Democrats over the next ten years, which is their objective. Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen or not for the census. The question has no impact on public services like roads, hospitals, shcools, police departments, emergency responders. Where it really causes problems is in mixed status households, of which there are about 9 million, where some members of the household are citizens and some are not. They, and millions of others, fear they may be deported. Should you answer and answer truthfully or should you simply leave it

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March For Life Photos

As you are probably aware, this past Saturday’s was held in many locations, not just Winchester. To see a few photos from many locations, check this out. Here are some more photos and a video from the marches showing some powerful signs. We are collecting photos from the march in Winchester to share with the world. If you have any, please send them to Bill. Also check out our FaceBook page. just search for Winchester and Frederick County Democratic Committee. Where was Trump during the march? On the golf course.

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Teri Merrill

Teri is running for Winchester City Council, Ward One. Teri moved to Winchester with her husband in 2009 making it her home. Most recently she was a freelance writer for The Winchester Star as well as county coordinator for 2 years for the Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardner Association. Teri joined the Winchester Education Foundation board in 2011, and served as secretary, vice president and president; she continues on that board today. She has been tutoring children in reading at Quarles Elementary School since 2015. She is a strong proponent for affordable housing, expanding educational programs, and improving the quality of life for all residents of Winchester.

Kim Herbstritt

Kim is running for Winchester City Council, Ward Three. She was the Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers- Winchester Area, an organization working to build the literacy skills of adults and is a founding member of the Non-Profit Alliance of the Northern Shenandoah Valley which works to strengthen the leadership, visibility, and impact of the nonprofit sector. Kim is also a member of the City of Winchester Social Service Advisory Board. Kim has graduated from the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber’s Community Leadership Program and Winchester City’s Insight Academy.

Evan Clark

Evan is running for reelection to Winchester City Council, Ward 2. Evan graduated from JMU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and later received his Masters in Social Work from Radford. He moved to Winchester in 1991 making it his home ever since. Evan works as a therapist at a local residential treatment facilty serving special needs high school youth. He serves on the Social Justice Committee member at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley. Evan has served three terms on the City Council since 2006 and wants to continue to serve the citizens of Winchester.

Judy McKiernan

Judy is running for Winchester City Council, Ward Four. Judy moved to Winchester in 1987 after receiving her master's in social work and began a career focused on improving the educational outcomes for the children of Winchester. In 1990, Judy began teaching at Winchester Public Schools and has worked tirelessly for the children and families of our community for 27 years. Currently she is on the Council Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault assisting the community. Her vision of Winchester is instilling a strong sense of belonging and responsibility through creating diverse housing options, strong educational and social structures for the community, and an approachable governing structure that engages all citizens.